Using two different imaging-based systems in this study the Stealth Treon Medtronic of Littleton, Massachusetts made ​​and the BrainLAB Vector Vision from BrainLAB in Westchester is Nottmeier a paid consultant for BrainLAB, however, this study was done independently and no firm funding.

Is used, with a reported nerve injury of up to 8 % and a loss of up to 55 % using standard technology. As well, re-operation has been reported for the removal of the wrong screw in other surgical literature to as high as 6.5 %, but occurred in less than half a % of all patients in the Mayo study, the researchers said. With 3D image – guided technology to help us place these screws results in a much better outcome for our patients, says Mayo Clinic neurosurgeon Eric Nottmeier, the study’s lead investigator.Able Image courtesy of you entire emperors Daily Health policy coverage display Search for in the archives, or sign up for email service to Emperor Daily Health policy coverage strongly in favor emperor network. A free service from the Henry J. Released. Kaiser Family Foundation.