Skin gel for healing burnsScientists in India report successful lab tests of a new and potentially safer alternative to silver-based gels applied to the skin of burn patients to treat infections. With names like silver sulfadiazine and silver nitrate, these germ – fighters save lives and speed up the healing. The researchers describe gel composed of silver nanoparticles – each 1/50, the width of of a human hair – appears more effective than these traditional gels. Their study is scheduled for 3 of of Molecular Pharmaceutics ACS ‘, a bi-monthly journal.. Tuberculosis and diabetesLater – Nijland also conducted research into the reduced efficacy of the treatment of tuberculosis patients, the incidence of type 2 diabetes.

Shown scientists ‘These resultskilled a broad range of harmful bacteria, including Pseudomonas aeruginosa, one of the most common causes of burn infections, as well as more resistant germs. The gel, which contains 30 times less silver than silver sulfadiazine had no apparent toxic effects when healthy skin healthy skin of test animals. ‘These results clearly show that silver nanoparticles could provide a safe alternative to conventional antimicrobial agents in the form of a topical antimicrobial formulation,’is determined by the article..‘I would suggest that to[ seasonal flu vaccine] and dose of H1N1 at the same time could be given to, but this must still be confirmed,’he said. ‘So it could be possible to deliver the required vaccine containing only be two visits.

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