All wild rodents had higher IgG and IgE, with the IgE shows the greatest difference, Parker said. Additionally, the wild rodents had higher levels of a particular type called IgG polyreactive, autoreactive IgG, However, the with an autoimmune disease in hygienic humans and rodents. However, the increased levels of these antibodies to to adverse reactions in the wild rodents, Parker said.

‘expected we would, However of the autoreactive IgG and IgE in the ‘ hygienic ‘ laboratory rodents would be far from the targets of the same antibodies in the wild animals, ‘he said.A 58 – year-old man which while on vacation while on holiday in Galveston, Texas risked a leg, and perhaps his life, after having of meat flesh -eating bacteria Vibrio vulnificus.

Linda Gilpatrick said the Houston Chronicle, it wants to spread the word about this disease. Of flesh-eating’ve heard of flesh-eating bacterial, but it always seemed so far off, she said, but its not, she said: It’s here. .