Added, New Quality Program for physicians to collect data on 36 measures, CQ HealthBeat reports that U.S read more . SendingCMS Administrator Mark McClellan announced a new voluntary a new voluntary program for doctors who self – report adherence to certain evidence-based quality measures, CQ HealthBeat reports. Under the first phase of the program, starting in January, the doctors data on to submit data on 36 quality measures for Medicare beneficiaries by including beta-blockers in patients experiencing a heart attack and screening of elderly patients for falls. The measures were of doctors, physician organizations and quality-of-care expert, was developed as the National Quality Forum and the RAND Corporation. Doctors do not receive more compensation for reporting on the activities and results will not be made public. McClellan said that doctors are interested in participating because they will be informed how their performance compared to that of their peers. McClellan added, quality of care, trend towards ‘pay-for – performance ‘programs in the public and private sectors. Advancing health information technology and connects Medicare provider reimbursements to quality of care are ‘top healthcare legislative priorities ‘and as a way rising public rising public spending on health care and to see to upgrade quality of care, according to CQ HealthBeat. ‘We do not want the administrative burden will be great ‘in the new program, said McClellan, adding that there is a correlation between reporting and to receive higher Medicare payments next year , depending on the congressional elections action this year ‘could be good. ‘The American Physical Therapy Association, said it would expand the voluntary program for physiotherapists and other nonphysician groups are seen. ‘The move to a payment system that ensures high quality, effective health care is critical for beneficiaries physical therapists physical therapists serve under the Medicare program, ‘APTA President Ben Massey said (CQ HealthBeat.

The NHS Prostate Cancer Programme was launched in September 2000, and encourages the Government blueprint for improving prostate cancer services financing for the disease rose to 4 in 2003/04. – A 20 – fold increase since 1999.

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By Elsevier. Cigarette Warning Labels Work? Results of from four countries.