The FHA published a companion tip sheet – for older men: Tips for Good Health in Later Life in this year.the tip sheets are just the latest in the ongoing series of the foundation of easy to understand, up-to-date and authoritative health tip sheets for older adults and their caregivers. The tip sheets and other easy-to-read health information for seniors and caregivers on the FHA website— – can be downloaded and shared at no cost.

Testing of all hospitals in the 19 states, to make the data publicly available, the first annual HealthGrades Pediatric Patient Safety in American Hospitals study analyzed five million pediatric patient records over the years 2006, 2007 and 2008 identified and 25,367 patient – safety events and 1,465 potentially preventable inhospital deaths. Of deaths, Postoperative of hospital-acquired infections associated .Authors are among people from the Harvard Medical School, University of Central Florida, which Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Massachusetts General Hospital the McLean Hospital. This work is supported by the National Institute of Health and the American Heart Association.