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‘We have determined there was an advantage having milk or dairy while bones were growing over calcium carbonate, and it protects you later in life, ‘Weaver said.. The study also found a strong effect of milk as a calcium source followed by periods of inadequate calcium. Further 10-week period, the remaining fed as fed as adults. Half of them were adequate calcium as carbonate or milk. The other half was turned on only half as much calcium as recommended, but were given calcium carbonate. – ‘This is comparable to people who drink during their early growth phase, lots of milk to the age of 9 to 11, or maybe even adolescence, but then get only half as much milk calcium by as they that do ‘Weaver said.This National Vaccine Information Center warns that are one-size-fits-all mandatory vaccination politics dangerous for people with genetic and other biological risk factors could, making them. Prone to brain and the immune system dysfunction after the anthrax vaccine Today, NVIC provided start the and military biodefence Vaccine Project specializing having a website (on the general public to information on the research, development, regulation, policy, legislation and Government of to promote the military and biodefense vaccines that are entrusted for mass used used in the military and civilian populations..